Intelligent Finance is Coming to Our Life

Under the influence of IoT (Internet of Things), big data and the Internet Age, traditional finance industries are vastly changing to accommodate for immediate service, transactional efficiency, and the overall integration of tomorrow’s technology.

Today, intelligent finance is built on the foundation of the Internet of Things and big data. Artificial intelligence, bio-metric identification and block chain has led to the transformation of financial technology and spurred the change in service content and how the information/transactions take place.

The transformation of the financial industry aims to improve service quality and efficiency, increase the funds to buy intelligent equipment little by little and introduce different kinds of advanced hardware.

Paperless workstations are a great example of a popular enhancement in the financial industry. Additionally, financial automatic equipment combined with technologies like cameras and biometric identification can be transformed into new equipment-VTM which helps to create a new financial business procedure and start a new financial industry business model.

TES, Touch Embedded Solutions, has developed and designed many kinds of touch monitors and computers that can be applied to financial hardware, which provides the industry with high-quality options. In addition, many kinds of functions like encryption modules, writing boards, biometric identification, privacy and explosion protection can be added to accommodate our clients’ demands.

Our Technology In Financial Equipments

  • Backlight adjustment capability for low-light and outdoor environments
  • Active anti-spy technology
  • Handwriting signature function
  • Integration of auto-light sensing module to reproduce clear and vivid images
  • Optimization of P-CAP touch technology and active stylus
  • Integration and optimization capabilities of OS, application software and interfaces
  • Customized BIOS/ME/EC/FW managements