Digital Signage

Interactive Experience Makes Our Life More Convenient

With the boom of the Cloud and IoT technology, digital signage is expanding its footprint used not only for advertising and information broadcasting, but also for interactive and intelligent applications.

Technologies like touch and sensing make digital signage interactive and intelligent, strengthening the correlation and interaction between brands and consumers. This creates a unique, interactive, marketing tool that enhances customer experiences through the purchasing process. Integration of sensing and face recognition technology in digital signage promotes an active marketing experience while serving targeted ads in direct relation to a specific demographic. From this, the effectiveness of the marketing becomes increasingly more targeted and transmittable, directly affect the consumers buying behaviors. The digital signage industry continues to expand in application breadth and different sectors, commonly seen in department stores, corporate headquarters, traffic and transportation, government agencies, etc.

TES, Touch Embedded Solutions, provides various kinds of digital signage in different sizes with different functions to meet different client demands, improving the accuracy of consumer communication and brand experience, developing a competitive advantage for our clients.

Our Technology In Digital Signage

  • Large-size P-CAP design, adjustment and integration capabilities
  • High-end scaler adjustment and F/W development capability
  • Mechanical design and manufacture experience: Light-weight and material processing
    - Aluminum extrusion bending
    - Vacuum Forming expertise
  • Corrosion resistant processing and glass surface processing (AG/AR)
  • Large-size backlight control | assembly of open cell and fine-tuning.
  • HD BaseT Technology
  • System design and management (SDM) capability
  • Integration of microphone arrays and micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) camera modules
  • Integration of gesture control and image recognition