Smart Retail

Smart Retail

The emergence of new technologies such as the IoT, Big Data, and The Cloud has brought new breath to the retail industry. Smart Retail has become a new term and way of integration for major retailers throughout the world.

In the past, customers would experience the purchasing process through a traditional channel, brick-and-mortar, thus limiting large retailers to one main channel of revenue. With today’s drive towards O2O (online-to-offline) virtual integration model, the traditional sales model of the retail industry is no longer limited to time and place, but to the era of global sales. How to seize the loyalty of consumers has become a new topic in the retail industry.

Smart Retail integrates technology, records consumer behaviors and patterns, analyzes data and information, further understands consumer demand, and increases revenue while reducing costs.

TES builds the technological hardware required for Smart Retail. Help retailers to acquire data, accurate marketing, remote monitoring and intelligence, and enhance business competitiveness.

Our Technology In Retail Industry

  • Over 30 years of experience and knowledge in the retail industry, providing complete design and solutions
  • Motherboard and IO board design and development capabilities
  • Design and production capabilities of Full Lamination and Surface Coatings (AG, AR ,AF and AS)
  • System Integration Capabilities: hardware, operating system, application software, and peripherals
  • Mass Customization Capability with the Optimized Customer Experience: Counter design, user experience.
  • Enhanced Product Reliability to fit in variety of application environments: Anti-electromagnetic, Anti-static, Low-Noise and Durability
  • Customized Interfaces Design for optimization of applications and convenient maintenance
  • RFID Technology Integration to suit for different applications and management requests
  • BIOS/OS Customization and managements