An Aging Society has Become a Common Problem Around the World.

An aging society has become a common problem around the world. This problem results in people’s need for healthcare.

As healthcare industries become more technologically advanced, medical equipment and supporting tools are expected to perform much faster, more accurately, while retaining to an economical value that sustainable. As the technological focus spreads throughout the medical process; check-ins, patient rooms, surgical rooms, x-rays, laboratories, cafeterias, etc., medical facilities are targeting service improvement to streamline and enhance the efficiency of patient experiences. Through technologies like big data, the Cloud and the IoT (Internet of Things), healthcare can be extended from hospitals to pharmacies, community care and even home care. Patients can seek advice through telemedicine, which can reduce waiting time and improve diagnosis efficiency.

TES, Touch Embedded Solutions, has developed a series of touch monitors and computers to meet the needs of building an efficient, accurate and repeatable, healthcare system. These products are applicable to nursing stations, information boards, nursing carts, interactive guides and bedside care systems. Using the highest quality healthcare technology, these All-in-One PCs provide five-star performance and effortless customer service.

TES Healthcare Series Clinic Monitor

Our Technology In Healthcare

  • Designing, integrating, and manufacturing capabilities of ultra-wide gamut RGB color space medical touch screen monitors
  • Precise image correction
    - Ability for reproducing clear and vivid medical images
  • Adjustments of color, consistently, for specified medical modes (Operating Room, MRI, CT, etc.)
  • Gamma precision adjustment capability for clear and detail diagnostic images
  • Image signal process capability especially for diverse signal interfaces
  • Image correction capability under extra surface treatments and functions
  • Multiple-windows synchronization for application images and medical images
  • Steady Images Across the Screen: Image adjustments and signal process capabilities for multi-window or multi-monitor
  • Consistent image quality with strict quality managements