Individuals, Today, Interact and Use Touch Technology Everyday

With the emergence of innovative technologies such as Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things, big data, intelligent industry, intelligent cities and intelligent transportation are springing up. These technologies are not only applied to a multitude of industries but, they are applied in people’s everyday lives. With advanced hardware, software and the Internet, an excellent, intelligent, seamless and efficient life is being built.

In intelligent life and industries, embedded products have become a basis of building an intelligent and technologically advanced city. In industries like manufacturing, food, and logistics, we embed different kinds of systems into equipment. These systems monitor processes by producing a touch panel along with big data analysis to improve productivity and yield. In life, we combine devices with embedded touch products to make our lives more convenient and entertaining. For example, express delivery cabinets, arrival advertisement displaying, KIOSKs for guiding and game machines. People’s lives are greatly involved in the wide use of embedded touch products and an ideal world which is of intelligence and convenience being built for the future.

TES, Touch Embedded Solutions, provides a wide variety of embedded touch monitors and computers differentiating in size, touch technology, and general specs, that can be applied in mass to many different applications. Our ability to provide customized embedded touch solutions that retain high quality, peak performance, reliable, cost-effective products is how we best accommodate our clients and differentiate from the competition.

Our Technology In Embedded Solutions

  • Rugged industrial touch products and equipment design integration capabilities.
    - Lightweight, high strength, anti and low assembly processes
  • Harsh Environments Protection
    - Design capability to cope with acid and salt corrosion, vibration and impact, extreme temperature and humidity (IP 65, IK7/IK8 and higher)
  • Dimming Control Capability (up to 4096 /0.09 nits)
  • Backlight Adjustment Capability (±3%)
  • Customized Backlight Module Optimization
    - Temperature control and heat dissipation design to extend product life
  • Voltage Protection Design and Tuning Capability
    - Wide voltage range input, high-efficiency power control and power conversion
  • Long-Distance Multi Signal Transmission
    - Ensures the good transmission quality of high-resolution images (2K/4K), sound, data, and power in long distance and proper customized peripheral expansion support
  • Enhanced P-CAP Touch Module Design and Adjustment Capability
    - Customized high-precision touch module with IP And IK protection rating, wide temperature range and anti-electromagnetic interference under harsh environments
  • Hover Touch Function
    - Design and adjustment capabilities with narrow bezel, AG/AR coating to ensure precise and accurate response (Thickness from 2mm up to 8mm)
  • X86 and ARM platforms support